The 4 Colors Bic Mind Map

The BIC Mind Map

This 4-colors mind map will show you the meaning and symbolism of the following 4 colors: black, red, blue, and green. It was entirely made with a classic 4-color Bic pen.

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Pierre Fabre presentation

Pierre Fabre presentation Mind Map by Marion Charreau

The Pierre Fabre presentation mind map will show you how and why the enterprise uses Tango 04’s monitoring. The mind map breaks down objectives, difficulties, challenges and more.

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What I preferred

What I preferred Mind Map by Marion Charreau

The What I preferred mind map will help you to know more about artists who use cartography in their art work. The mind map breaks down contemporary maps, social and politic maps, body maps psychological maps and more. In addition I invite you to discover that fantastic exhibition.

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Robert Filliou

Robert Filliou Mind Map by Marion Charreau

The Robert Filliou mind map will help you to discover his work as an artist and an economist and why “Art makes life more interesting than art”. The Mind Map breaks down Robert Filliou’s ideal world, his life and his work of art. In addition there’re many of his famous quotations.

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Inner Portrait Creation

The Inner portrait creation Mind Map will help you to explore the therapeutic and entertaining expression of your inner artist. The Mind Map breaks down freeing your imagination, exploring senses, experimenting with different styles and media and capturing your inner feelings through creative art or mindmapping.

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Heath Robinson

The Heath Robinson Mind Map will help you to appreciate the British artist Heath Robinson, who was famous for his weird and wonderful illustrations of absurd inventions. The Mind Map breaks down the weird, wacky and mysterious ideas and contraptions illustrated by Heath Robinson that became so famous his name made it into the dictionary. In addition the mind map looks at how imagination and vision can transform initially thought impractical ideas into new innovations.

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Visual Representation

The Visual Representation mind map will help you to see different ways to represent words in images. The mind map breaks down illustrating direct representations of words, drawing parts of words and words within words, or making imaginative connections by sketching associated or alternative meanings.

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Creativity and Innovation

The Creativity and Innovation Mind Map captures the contents of a workshop of the same topic conducted with two different groups of participants. The workshop started off with an Intro of the trainer and visual recorder/judge. It progresses quickly to the next branch which defines Creativity and Innovation. The participants take a creativity test which will subsequently release them into the infinite possibilities universe with whole-brain techniques and Mind Mapping. The activities reinforce the power of the Mind Map in stimulating creativity. This Mind Map itself was done live as the workshop was progressing. The colouring after the workshop took more than 6 hours to complete.

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Paintbrush Mindmapping

The Paintbrush mindmapping Mind Map will help you to appreciate the infinite variety of ways to create unique painted mind maps. The Mind Map breaks down various mediums and mixed media, methods of illustration and mind map branch creation. In addition the mind map looks at using and developing lettering styles, expressing your artistic side plus ways to encourage individual finesse.

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Naturally Digital

The Naturally Digital Mind Map will help you to focus on key areas to consider when hand-drawing or digitally-drawing a mind map.  The Mind Map itself has both hand-drawn portions and digital portions. Observers are challenged to identify these portions.  Ultimately, instead of debating over the pros and cons, it will be more creative and cost-effective use of our time to manage both natural and digital equipment together towards our learning.

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