Drawing Effect Mind Map

The Drawing Effect Mind Map

The Drawing Effect Mind Map will show you the effect of drawing on memorization. This effect has been described in several scientific research. It’s also about the “Picture Superiority Effect” and the theories which explain this effect.

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Improving Memory

This Memory Enhancement Mind Map delves into the depths and the fundamental workings of memory. It presents you with effective memory strategies you can use on a daily basis to boost your recall of information, and discusses the importance of nutrition and exercise as it relates to long-term memory health and well-being.

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Negative Thoughts

The Dealing with a Negative Thought Mind Map will help you to take charge of your thinking. Your thoughts are just thoughts; a realisation and dramatic shift in viewing thoughts which helped change my life. The Mind Map breaks down how to combat negativity in a practical and empowering way. Each branch is created with an acronym to assist memorisation and the numbered branches help you follow a sequence for dealing with the negative thought as it arises.

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Spiritual WYSIWYG

The Spiritual WYSIWYG Mind Map will help you to memorise useful phrases to combat negative emotions. Acronyms are wonderful for memorising and learning. The Mind Map breaks down a number of acronyms I have used to aid my personal development and help combat negativity.

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