Study Skills

Learning Styles

The Learning Styles Mind Map will help you to appreciate the different methods used when learning. The Mind Map breaks down visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods of learning, commonly abbreviated to VAK and encompassing the seeing, hearing and doing aspects of learning.

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The Mathematics Mind Map will help you to see how exciting and colourful a Mind Map can make subjects that may otherwise be less interesting to learn. The Mind Map breaks down in Dutch 7th and 8th Grade Primary School Mathematics, capturing visually the elements and principles of calculation.

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Beginner’s Mind Map

The Mind Mapping for Beginners Mind Map provides a step-by-step analysis of the Mind Mapping process with the Beginner in mind. The Mind Map defines Mind Mapping, breaks down the benefits of Mind Mapping, discusses the different types of uses for Mind Mapping, and concludes by outlining the process of drawing your very first Mind Map.

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Be Smart

The Be Smart – Mind Map it! Mind Map will help you to share the concept of Mind Mapping with others in order to help increase their potential and improve their efficiency. Share it with friends, family and colleagues and let them see and experience what Mind Maps can do for them. The Mind Map breaks down the basics of Mind Mapping and provides a quick introducation to the how, why and what of using Mind Maps.

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Mind Map Study Skills

The Mind Mapping Study Skills Mind Map delves into the process of Mind Mapping as it applies to study skills. The Mind Map presents the benefits of mind mapping, discusses the types of visual mapping types that you can use for study purposes, and provides several techniques and tips to help you best apply Mind Mapping into your study regime.

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Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking Mind Map breaks down the fundamental traits of an effective Critical Thinker; including mindset, characteristics and vocabulary. The Mind Map also delves “head first” into the process of Critical Thinking and how it can be utilized on a daily basis to clarify thoughts and open new opportunities for understanding. And finally it presents several important Critical Questions that we can use daily to obtain new perspectives and insights.

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Problem Solving

The Problem Solving Mind Map delves into the qualities, attributes, attitudes, beliefs, habits and characteristics of highly effective and efficient Problem Solvers. In addition, the Mind Map breaks down the primary method of Problem Solving, and presents several practical tactics you can utilize to overcome the wave of problems confronting your current reality.

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Creative Thinking

The Creative Thinking Mind Map defines the fundamental aspects of creativity, break down the mindset and qualities of a Creative Genius, unlocks several roadblocks that can hamper the creative process, and concludes by presenting a number of creative strategies you can utilize immediately to help unleash your Creative Genius Potential.

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Accelerated Reading

The Accelerated Reading Mind Map delves into the fundamental principles of the Photo Reading and Speed Reading technique. The Mind Map provides you with step-by-step instructions on the Do’s and Dont’s of these Accelerated Learning strategies. In addition the Mind Map presents several study tips that will help you get the most from your improved reading technique.

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Try Mind Mapping

The Try Mind Mapping Mind Map will help you to share the concept of Mind Maps with friends, family and work colleagues. The Mind Map breaks down the use of Mind Mapping and is also available as a free mini promotional pack containing various sizes of the Mind Map plus bookmarks. The Mind Map and pack are a useful way to share best practice and spread news of the benefits of using Mind Maps.

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