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Personal Development

The Personal Development Mind Map is one of the seven strategies for Wealth & Happiness by Jim Rohn. The Mind Map begins with an important question to ask on the job which is not What am I getting? but rather What am I becoming?. It then continues to explore The 4 Seasons of Life. Learn how to handle all kinds of winters i.e. economic winters, physical winters, personal winters. Spring is a time to take advantage. Time to take care in the summer. Fall is the time to take responsibility. Work to eliminate self-imposed limitations that are stunting personal development.

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Creativity and Innovation

The Creativity and Innovation Mind Map captures the contents of a workshop of the same topic conducted with two different groups of participants. The workshop started off with an Intro of the trainer and visual recorder/judge. It progresses quickly to the next branch which defines Creativity and Innovation. The participants take a creativity test which will subsequently release them into the infinite possibilities universe with whole-brain techniques and Mind Mapping. The activities reinforce the power of the Mind Map in stimulating creativity. This Mind Map itself was done live as the workshop was progressing. The colouring after the workshop took more than 6 hours to complete.

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To Do List

The To Do List Mind Map on the left provides a comparison with a linear list on the right. The Mind Map is a creative thinking tool which transforms the items in the list into a fun and colourful visual record. It starts with the reframing of the “To Do List” into “Die Die Must Do” deadline with a central image that brings the fun energy into an otherwise stressful task. In addition, you will appreciate the power of visual thinking and metaphors used in this Mind Map i.e. the web-site to stimulate creative thinking.

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The Workshop Mind Map provides an overview of the brain-based learning concepts, tools and activities.  The Mind Map breaks down the workshop into an over-view, introduction, benchmarking creativity, whole-brain learning, mind-mapping and a review.   In addition, you will appreciate the effectiveness of this Mind Map as a creative thinking tool.

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Creating Powerful Learning Experiences

This is a Mind Map drawn “live” on the lecture delivered by Dr. Tina Stavredes. The Creating Powerful Learning Experiences Mind Map will help you to understand and appreciate the use of technology to enable learning and teaching.  The Mind Map begins with the prediction and Horizon Report on the use of technology in stimulating augmented reality and problem based learning.  In addition, technology is the driving force to connect the mind to information through a social network and engage the learner to think critically.

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Emergency Action Plan

The Emergency Action Plan Mind Map will help you to approach an emergency in a systematic way according to universally recognized first aid procedures. The Mind Map guides you with an analysis of the scene, your call for help and treatment of the casualty. In addition, you will be mindful of the “Golden Hour” which is critical in the survival of the casualty. This Mind Map has been adopted in the Business Continuity Plan of a bank!

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The Knowledge Mind Map will help you to be a better teacher.  The Mind Map breaks down knowledge into two main processes comprising of teaching and learning together with the various focus areas.   In addition, you will note two important requirements of application for the learner and assessment by the teacher.

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Mind Map Rules

The Rules Mind Map sets out Tony Buzan’s laws of mind mapping which will help the mind mapper to analyze large amounts of information and synthesize the ideas into one mind map.  The mind mapper and observer will be able to see more visuals associated to the ideas and draw connected images.  The first rule on the use of blank paper in landscape enhances the critical and creative thinking skills in a fun manner. This Mind Map itself was designed over more than 6 months.  Ideas continue to flow in and even the background provides a third dimension to the overall mind map.

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Naturally Digital

The Naturally Digital Mind Map will help you to focus on key areas to consider when hand-drawing or digitally-drawing a mind map.  The Mind Map itself has both hand-drawn portions and digital portions. Observers are challenged to identify these portions.  Ultimately, instead of debating over the pros and cons, it will be more creative and cost-effective use of our time to manage both natural and digital equipment together towards our learning.

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Who Moved My Cheese

The Who moved my cheese Mind Map will help you to set out on your journey to handle constant changes in your life and work. The Mind Map breaks down into an overview the story behind the book of the same title by Dr. Spencer Johnson. The writing on the wall is written in the cheese of different colours in this mind map. In addition, you may print this mind map and write your creative thoughts and action plans on the space provided in the cheese.

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