Shev Gul

Mind Skills

The Mind Skills Mind Map provides methods that will help you to enhance your personal performance. The Mind Map breaks down mind skill techniques, concepts and methods. In addition the Mind Map discusses the process of self management, performance management, emotional health, the mind process model and NLP interventions.

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Exercise Motivation

The Motivation Exercise Mind Map will help you to develop high levels of motivation when it comes to setting up a regular exercise regime. The Mind Map breaks down the dynamics of the brain and defines the process of motivation, value systems, beliefs and interventions of NLP. In addition, the Mind Map provides us with a deeper understanding of the meaning of exercise as it relates to Corporate-organization benefits.

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A to Z Breathing

The Diaphragmatic Breathing Mind Map will teach you how to get the most out of every breath you take. The Mind Map breaks down breathing as it relates to the physical (exercise, sports, singing, dancing, wind instruments, speech), and the mental (mind calming, concentration, focusing). In addition the Mind Map discusses breathing in relation to meditation (yoga, martial arts, kung fu, aikito, chi kung, tai chi, zen), and health and well-being which includes relaxation, distessing, and recovering from illness.

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