Adam Sicinski

Mind Mapping is something I kind of fell into out of necessity. While I was studying at University I struggled when it came to learning “high content rich” subjects. I simply had no idea how to manage and organize this information in a way that would allow me to remember and recall it at a later time.

My struggles ended when I came across a book written by Tony Buzan about mind mapping. I began incorporating his methods into my University study regime, and I quickly realized that I could essentially create a photographic memory of the information I was learning in very quick succession.

After University, I obtained a Life Coaching qualification, which helped me specialize within the self-improvement industry — a passion of mine for many years. However, as I began working within this field, I soon realized that there was a significant amount of information that I needed to know and remember. Moreover, it was information that I wanted to share with my clients in a simple and effective way.

The answer to this problem came in the form of a self-coaching mind mapping tool that people could use on a daily basis to help reach their goals and objectives in any field of endeavor. And as a result the IQ Matrix concept was born.

I hope that each IQ Matrix will help you discover more about yourself, while at the same time presenting you with effective tools and strategies that will improve your confidence, skills and ability to consciously transform your life for the better.

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Adam Sicinski