Paul Foreman

paul foreman1 Paul ForemanI have found mind maps the ideal format for me to explore my creativity and investigate potential ideas and concepts.

Many of my mind maps have a self-improvement theme and this stems from my own personal experience and journey. They are derived from many years of intensive self-investigation and deep contemplation.

I love creating mind maps as the medium is very expressive and has infinite potential. It is wonderful to combine advice and techniques for inspiration and motivation in a visual way incorporating both my artistic and writing interests.

To share the drawing techniques I use to create my mind maps I have eBooks available, details of which appear on my Mind Map Inspiration website and blog.


  • Mind Map Inspiration Website:  Example mind maps for download plus eBooks covering drawing tips, idea creation and happiness. Details of how to mind map and suggestions for the many uses of mind maps.
  • Mind Map Inspiration Blog:  Regular new mind maps examples plus write-ups, ideas and innovation, drawing and creativity tips.