Life Coach Approach 1

The Life Coaching Approach Mind Map Part 1 delves into the fundamental processes of Life Coaching that naturally support a client’s development and evolution throughout the coaching process.

The Mind Map first looks into Attending Strategies. These are patterns of behavior that the Life Coach must observe within themselves and their client in order to keep the channels of communication open. This process is also necessary as it helps obtain the true meaning behind the words that the client uses. Next, the Life Coach must master the art of listening and giving feedback. Hence the 2nd branch of the Mind Map breaks down this significant aspect of Life Coaching.

Finally, the Life Coach must become a master of asking effective questions. The final branch of the Mind Map therefore delves into how a Life Coach can ask effective questions to help get a better understanding of their client on a plethora of levels.

You will discover all this and more within the Life Coaching Approach Mind Map.

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