Life Coach Approach 2

The Life Coaching Approach Mind Map Part 2 delves into the fundamental processes of Life Coaching that naturally support a client’s development and evolution throughout the coaching process.

The Mind Map first looks at what a Client Really Wants out of life. These are fundamental things that a Life Coach must address throughout each of their coaching sessions.

Next, the Mind Map delves into the Psychological Barriers to Client Change that a Life Coach must account for and effectively deal with if they arise.

The 3rd branch of the Mind Map looks at how a Life Coach can utilize Clarifying Questions to help identify psychological blocks while identifying real issues that the client may be unconsciously hiding.

The final branch of the Mind Map delves into Coaching Assumptions and Frameworks that are fundamentally important to Life Coaches throughout the Life Coaching process.

You will discover all this and more within the Life Coaching Approach Mind Map.

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